Tomas Lanquist
”I have always liked music that takes you away on a journey into another world”, Tomas says while putting down his cup of tea on the table. Growing up outside of the Swedish capital of Stockholm, Tomas was always a dreamer with his own path to walk since childhood. After a few failed attempts at music at an early age, he found the calling of electronic music as a teenager. ”I was mainly influenced by artists such as Jean-Michel Jarre, Vangelis and Kitaro”, he says. ”They changed my musical universe.” His first contact with new age music was a few years later, when his parents took him to a spiritual bookshop. ”A new experience”, he says. Mostly influenced by nature and far away worlds, his music carries a dreamlike quality evoking memories of long forgotten places. Beautiful arrangements and melodies to remember are central parts of the musical universe he creates. ”I like my music to be melodic, but I also want it to have this dreamlike feeling of far away places. Both these things are important to me.”
On Faery Wings – Tomas Lanquist
On Faery Wings – Tomas Lanquist

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